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A Positive Post-Gardasil Recovery Story..  

Date 03.11.2015

Our daughter Erin was also a victim of the HPV vaccination. It is our firm belief that the vaccination triggered her ill health. However, the positive side is that after 3 years Erin has pulled through. I suppose, Erin's return to school this year (5th year) was the real tester to see if she really had kicked her ill health. Thankfully , I can say she has survived her first month. All in all Erin is doing remarkable, considering that 1st year was the only year fully attended in school. 2nd and 3rd year were practically non-existent and Erin didn't sit her Junior Certificate, due to chronic ill health.

Erin symptoms were so severe at times that we just gave thanks she was alive. We received tremendous support from our local GP who referred us to numerous top consultants and all medical possibilities were explored, but unfortunately proved to be of little or no benefit. It was through the alternative route that we found the path for Erin's recovery. The person who was pivotal to her recovery was a naturopathic nutritionist based here in Co. Wexford, who combines her knowledge of nutrition with the administration of bio-energy. Through a complete overhaul of diet, excluding wheat, gluten, dairy, refined sugar and red meat, a vast intake of supplements and bio energy, Erin has returned to good health.

There were more possibilities we explored but I believe that the above, with Ellen's contant attention, were the core to her recovery. Another area which I feel is paramount to recovery is the support of family. To be there for them 24/7 and most of all to believe them. To believe your daughter when she has a pain in their little finger, that it is NOT all in their head. To talk about the future, a future when this is all over, and to give hope. Not to resign to the fact that this is now their life. I suppose we were extremely lucky with Erin in that she herself wanted so badly to get out of this chronic situation that she endured whatever she had to to see light at the end of the tunnel. Even through Erin was extremely frustrated and down at times we were fortunate that depression wasn't a bi-factor of the situation.

The road to recovery hasn't been an easy one. It takes a lot of commitment from every party involved. Her diet is still strict, and as parents we do monitor her constantly to make sure there is no relapse. However, we do believe Erin has a very bright and very healthy future, if she adheres to some basic principles. As I previously stated, Erin is now back to full time education.

Emotionally it can take time to come to terms with what has happened. In Erin's case she literally didn't have the energy to have emotion when she was very ill. Her main function some days were just to breath. So when her energy started to reignite, so did her emotion and Erin then started to question what had happened her. But I believe that this is a huge part and a very important component of the healing process. I wasn't until the latter stages that Erin attended a councilor to try and make sense of what happen her.

To end of a positive note, it has not all been bad!! Through diet, energy work, (and I suppose belief!) we have our beautiful daughter back. She is bursting to live life and has a huge knowledge and maturity under her belt. Our family unit is stronger than ever.

The above is the skeletal version of what has happened in the past 3 years! I hope it gives others hope and guidance as to where to turn. Congratulations on all the Trojan work and awareness you are highlighting. For many years we all thought we were the only one! I have no doubt that in a very short period of time you have saved many a young girl's life.

I wish all the girls and their families good health and I hope that they too will have their success story to share in time.


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