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Subject: Thank you
Date: 2015-09-04 20:28
To: support@regret.ie

To all of you who shared the heartbreaking stories of your beautiful girls,

Thank you most sincerely, I got the form today to fill out for my daughter's vaccination and was on the point of sending it in when another mum told me of her friend in Cork and Regret.ie

I have, our course, declined the vaccination.

You are all very brave, honest and thoughtful to put your stories in the public domain. I can only imagine how sad, angry and frustrated you must all be.

I can only wish all of your girls a return to health and all the joy and happiness young girls should have.


Date: 2015-09-11 10:22
To: support@regret.ie

My daughter has just started her first year in secondary school. Like all other girls of her age she has been offered the HPV vaccine. While trying to research the side effects of Gardasil I found your group, which was very informative. Thank you for compiling the information. It makes my decision to refuse the vaccine much easier.

Date: 2015-09-24 08:12
To: Support@regret.ie

Hi ,
My daughter got the first injections but only yesterday, it was only
then my dad told me about you and your group. I am ill of the thoughts
of what I've allowed be given to my 12 year old girl.... I will not be
allowing any more injections in March.


Subject: Well done, keep up the good work
Date: 2015-09-23 23:52
To: Support@Regret.ie

Brilliant work , keep up the fight. My daughter did not want to receive the vaccine and I respected her wishes as she had a severe reaction to a general anesthetic and was badly traumatized by it. On the day she was called and the nurse phoned me and I told her she was not to receive it as it is her wish not to.

Hearing all the stories , I am ever so grateful I did not push the vaccine . 
Keep up the fight. Never give up. If it only saves one girl its worth it. 

Date: 2015-09-3 
To: Support@Regret.ie

I just came off the phone with a friend of mine whose daughter is in first year and due the vaccine in the coming week. I informed her of the connection between the Gardasil vaccine and my daughter's chronic hip pain condition. She was shocked to think that the HSE were going ahead with this vaccine. She's going to postpone her daughter's vaccine.


-------- Original Message --------
Date: 2015-12-04 10:32
To: support@regret.ie

Hi. Thank goodness that I heard about REGRET on the radio. My daughter
would have got the HPV vaccinations except that she got knocked down
& had a broken arm at the time - perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.
Hearing about REGRET she definitely wont be getting the vaccine now .Good luck to all your girls.

Date: 2015-12-03 19:25
To: "support@Regret.ie" <support@Regret.ie>

To Whom it may concern,
I have been reading your website with sadness. The damage that this
vaccine has inflicted on these young girls is an absolute disgrace. I
have a young teenage daughter and I refused to have her vaccinated. I
think she was probably one of the only ones in her class. 
I wish you all well.
Yours Faithfully,

Subject: My Daughter
Date: 2016-04-07
To: <support@regret.ie>

I am writing this morning, in fear that I may too, be joining your ranks as my daughter continues to show many of the symptoms outlined in the Patient Information Leaflet for Gardasil HPV vaccine.
I am angry that I was given so little information and treated like a pathetic fool.
I am angry that we felt pressurised to sign the consent form in order to facilitate the vaccination programme and that we were not given ample time to research.
I am angry that we even felt the need to research something that was “safely” being injected into our daughters.
I am angry that I was too busy to do the research myself and I foolishly trusted the people who are tasked with keeping our children safe.
I am angry that a very good friend of mine chose not to let her daughter have the vaccine on the information she had uncovered and didn’t tell me; and that another close friend had her daughter opt out because her doctor told her it was better not to have it.
I am angry that the schools are facilitating the unnecessary harm of our daughters and that they have had access to doubts much sooner than I and have not acted upon it.
I have spent one day on my research, one day!!!! And given a do-over I would never have allowed for my daughter to be treated so callously by adults, charged with protecting her. I would not have allowed her to have this vaccine.

Kind regards

Subject: HPV vaccine
Date: 2016-04-05
To: <Support@regret.ie>

My daughter got vaccine one in October last and to date thankfully has
had no side effects. The school has informed us that the second vaccine
will be given this Thursday. My doctor has informed me that since she had no side effects after the first vaccination there is no reason not to continue with the full course. 
I have decided not to allow my daughter have the second vaccine.

Thank you for all your help.
Concerned mother,
County Kerry

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