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She is living life and it is as if none of the nightmare ever happened ..  

Date 08.10.2015

My daughter Rachael aged 12 received the HPV injection two weeks ago. I just didn't know anything about this when I sent her to school that day. I told her to be brave as she was to be first in the queue and told her to stay calm for the other girls. She was sent home within a couple of hours and hasn't been at school since.

Rachael has told me she felt dizzy and sick 20 minutes after the injection. She is continuously dizzy with headaches and she suffers intermittent sharp tummy pains that stop her in her tracks. She has no energy and could sleep 24 hrs if I let her. I try to get her up, sometimes she gets up for an hour or two and sometimes she can't lift her head and I have to let her sleep.
Yesterday she said she was bumping into walls in the house and when she tried to read a leaflet she couldn't focus on the words.

I am terrified that this isn't going to get better and the only thing I can hold on to at the moment is that having visited a Kinesiologist last week, she is treating her for heavy metal poisoning and a bad virus which she also believes is a result of the injection. Her bloods and urine are clear although I am taking her back this afternoon to get them done again on the Doctors recommendation.

At my request school have sent her some school work however I will be amazed if she can focus on it. We will see.
I really had no idea of how many girls have been so very unwell after this injection. The leaflets sent home certainly don't advise you to search the internet. I think the schools should be referring parents to websites, newspaper articles so they can make a fully informed choice.

I found your website last night and was both unsettled at the numbers of girls suffering and consoled that we were not on our own. I am taking one day at a time and trying to stay positive for Rachael but deep down I feel sick with worry.

Jill, Antrim.

[Mar 2016] An update on my daughter's progress from Homeopathy treatment: 

Received Gardasil Sept 2015: Slept for a month, went to see Hans Weitbrecht (Homeopathy Donegal) after being suggested to me through the support group REGRET. Commenced a really simple treatment that you take every other day. Signs of improvement within 4 weeks and back to school.

January 2016 took a relapse, Hans revised treatment. Things were slow to improve again, missing a lot of school and struggling through the day. I was starting to panic thinking the Homeopathy wasn't going to work but in the absence of any other answers we stuck with it. In addition to the Homeopathy I started giving my daughter Aloe Vera Gel (quarter of a glass per day). We also started a bath in a cup of Epsom salts every other day - no more often as it can dry the skin (draws toxins out through the skin).

Just when I was about to crack under the strain of a sick child we had an overnight recovery. Two weeks ago my daughter had a really good day. I was delighted for the day but didn't think any further ahead than that. Then Monday she was able to do half a day at school. Tues and Wed she did full days. It is now over two weeks and we haven't had one bad day. She is living life and it is as if none of the nightmare ever happened. She is still on all her treatments but if things keep up Hans will consider bringing the treatment down slowly.

I am so glad I stuck with the Homeopathy - it is not normally a quick fix, perhaps improvements in strides and the possibility of set backs - but Hans did say it is a slow gentle treatment that works at getting to the root of the vaccine. If you are at your wits end and don't know what to do next I would definitely recommend giving this a go. Remember not to give up though, you need to be patient and nearly forget to an extent that you are doing the treatment. Keep an open mind and be prepared for 6-12 months of treatment. I shouldn't really put a time frame but you need to be prepared to stick with it even when times are tough.

We have a 4 hour drive to get to Hans and then we stay at the Gateway Lodge in Donegal town. He is only five minutes drive from the Lodge. I speak with him every two weeks and we try to see him every three months. My daughter had all the usual symptoms that so many other girls suffer from and bar a dull head that she can ignore, all the symptoms have gone! Looks like she could be back to school after Easter! Please give Hans a call. He is a lovely man with family of his own and he really cares about these girls. If you are calling from South Ireland his number is 0749735319. From the North of Ireland/UK it will be 00353 749735319. Don't give up hope when there are possibilities still out there. 

I hope this helps some.


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